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Isnin, Februari 18, 2008

Goat farm open for study tours

KIDS’ PLAY: The nursery pen at the farm.
KIDS’ PLAY: The nursery pen at the farm.

AGRICULTURE is business. The maxim is firmly embedded in the heart of farmer-cum-entrepreneur Goh Un Keng, 43, who runs a goat farm in Parit Yaani, Yong Peng.

GOH UN KENG: Has 2,000 goats on his farm.
GOH UN KENG: Has 2,000 goats on his farm.
From cultivating oil palm, Goh had decided to expand his horizon by breeding goats and marketing its milk.

After four years into the venture, he knew he made the right choice.

The business has provided good returns, plus the fulfilling reward of successfully breeding jamnapari goats, a breed suitable for meat and dairy.

"These goats are amazing because they respond to you.
"It makes the job very rewarding," he said.

His farm, U Keng Farming Sdn Bhd, sits on a 1.2ha oil palm estate.

It has 2,000 goats and is open to the public for tours.

"I believe it is important to educate the young about goat farming and the goodness of goat's milk.

"So, at this farm, we offer free tours to schoolchildren and groups who are interested to learn more about modern farming and dairy production."

The farm utilises biotechnology applications, such as microorganisms, to eliminate smell, control fungus and harmful bacteria and improve dairy production.

During the tour, visitors are exposed to modern land optimisation techniques, which produce a high yield of milk daily.

The milk is collected, bottled and packed in sterile conditions in the farm.

"We always improvise the technology to improve the taste and quality of the milk," said Goh.

"We are very grateful to the supervision, technical support and advice from the Batu Pahat Veterinary Services Department."

Tour highlights also include observing kids being fed, mother goats tending their newborn calves, milking of goats in the paddock and the milk pasteurisation and bottling process.

Visitors can try their hand at feeding and milking the goats.

Goh said although the bottled goats' milk from the farm was certified for export, he was concentrating on supplying supermarkets in Johor Baru and Batu Pahat.

The farm is located in a remote area and visitors must book an appointment for a tour.

For more information, call the farm at 07-4847222 or 07-4847999, visit www.jamnapari.com or email info@jamnapari.com

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