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Isnin, Februari 18, 2008

Boer goat meat hits market

Majestic Nature Boer Farm managing director Yeow Joo Kwong says goat meat is healthier than mutton or lamb.
Majestic Nature Boer Farm managing director Yeow Joo Kwong says goat meat is healthier than mutton or lamb.

PETALING JAYA: As common as goat meat sounds, it is actually a rare find in Malaysia. However, one company plans to change that.

Majestic Nature Boer Farm Sdn Bhd, the nation's largest private goat breeder, opened its first meat shop, Boer Goat Junction, at Damansara Utama. Its goal: to provide the public with a regular supply of goat meat.

"Although goat meat can be found in some wet markets and rural market fairs (pasar tani), the supply is little and the quality unsteady," said Majestic Nature Boer Farm managing director Yeow Joo Kwong.

He said goat meat was fast becoming a trend in Western cuisine due to its many health advantages, namely being high in protein but low on saturated fats and cholesterol.

"Many Malaysians think goat meat is bad for the heart. This is because they mistake goat meat for mutton," he said.
Yeow explained that mutton is the meat of an old sheep and not goat meat.

"Many people think lamb is sheep's meat while mutton is goat's meat. That's wrong. Lamb is actually the meat of a young sheep," he said.

Championing goat meat as a healthy alternative to lamb and mutton, Yeow also stressed that goat meat does not have a strong smell.

"Our meat comes from Boer goats, a breed originally developed in South Africa for its meat. It is also more tender," he said.

Yeow said although the Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Ministry is aggressively promoting the cultivation of Boer goats, the industry is still in its infancy and many farmers were not keen on selling the meat due to the current lack of supply.

"That is why as the leading private Boer goat farm we thought it fell on us to get the ball rolling in terms of opening up the market for Boer goat meat consumption," he said.

Yeow invited celebrity chefs Florence Tan, Victor Chow and Hearrey Salleh to demonstrate various recipes for goat meat during the opening.

"We are also selling different pre-mix seasonings for goat meat. We hope this will popularise the use of goat meat in local cuisine."

Yeow is confident that goat meat consumption will catch on in Malaysia.

"Trust me, you will start seeing more people getting into it soon. We plan to open 20 more Boer meat outlets.

"Soon, Malaysia will be having Boer goat meat in abundance."

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